Space Cadet (Going to St. Lucia)

I’m not qualified for space travel,
And I’m not free to travel the world.
Boxed in by responsibility,
When really there’s nothing in my way.
I could sail to Saint Lucia
If I really wanted to.

But I do want to.

I want to drift alone at sea,
Or in space.
Alone with my thoughts and the cold,
Blue and black.

Surrounded by
Waves and wind.
Nothing and nothing.

Not to Saint Lucia in particular,
Not to anywhere in particular.

Maybe Honduras,
Maybe Hawaii
Maybe Europa,
Then Titan,
Right past Umbriel and Nereid and right on ‘up’ to Orcus.

I can so vividly imagine
The things I’ll never do.
The things I know are inside me,
And out there, everywhere.
I’ll just keep thinking about it.

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